Loved season 9 and looking forward to season 10!
I am very cautiously optimistic about Dean/Cas being endgame. ;D
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Hey, Supernatural fandom


Take a chill pill. Seriously. The season hasn’t aired yet and people are already talking about how ships are being sunk, friendships are being destroyed, and the entire show is heading down the toilet. But you know what? There’s literally no need to freak out like this.

What you saw in the sneak peek was literally clips from the first few episodes of the season. How do I know this? It’s simple really. It’s bad form to spoil the later parts of the season before the season even airs and also they literally have only filmed the first few episodes. So everyone just needs to take a deep breath and calm down, because not only are you having strong emotional reactions about a season that hasn’t aired yet, you’re also jumping to conclusions based on tiny clips from the first five episodes of the aforementioned season and the writer and producer’s vague, deliberately tantalizing remarks.

Just because Dean and Cas don’t see each other for a bit at the beginning doesn’t mean they’re going to have zero screen time together through the full season. Just because Dean is having a fling doesn’t mean he’s suddenly emotionally invested in a complete stranger. Just because Cas is spending more time with Hannah and she may have a crush on him doesn’t mean she’s suddenly become the most significant thing in his life. Just because Dean makes an offhand remark to Crowley that is usually shared between him and Sam doesn’t mean the writers have destroyed the brothers’ relationship forever. 

All of you need to chill.

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Just FYI but Singer confirmed Castiel/Hannah is going to happen, so once again you were wrong about what we all shouldn't be worried about. If you can't see Heteronatural with huge blinding lights being shoved into our faces, I don't know what to tell you. But continuing to tell people that Destiel is happening is just getting people hopeful for another let down.



*deep breath*  

This is the last time I will say this shit.  Speculation (over the possibility of Destiel “happening” or anything else) is always ever THAT, speculation. Speculation is not some “game” I’m trying to win in any case.  I speculate because it’s fun and I talk about PR because I’m asked my opinions on things.  I’ve been dead wrong about some things before and some things I’ve guessed with scary accuracy.  I don’t see why the things I personally get right or wrong matters to you one way or another. You are not making me feel bad by telling me I guessed wrong “again” (and actually… I can’t recall ever saying Hannah/Cas would never happen, in fact, I have always thought/said Cas would have a love interest “for feelings comparison” before understanding what he has going on with Dean).  


This fandom really needs to stop attacking and blaming meta writers for their decision to believe or not to believe in the FUTURE POSSIBILITY of Destiel. I, more than most, talk about this all the fucking time so you and everyone else who is bitter can stop coming into my ask box trying to blame me for shit.  I’ve said hope is dangerous, but I still have it, even now.  My feelings do not magically command others *laughs at the thought* so feeling you are doing the fandom a favor by “converting me” to pessimism is only going to waste your time and mine.  If there’s a structure change, then I’ll talk about it, but until I see that optimism is what everyone is going to get because I’m not looking at the trees, I’m looking at the forest.  I won’t say again how I recommend people follow a variety of both optimistic and pessimistic blogs (just like I do) in order to make up their mind about where their hope for explicit Destiel lies.  No one should be blindly following me and my opinions on any storyline.  

Now, I’ve watched the preview… Singer talks about HANNAH *specifically* feeling things, not really Cas (he’s only said to be feeling things humanly more than ever, something Misha’s PR from SDCC specifically said wasn’t the case, so we have a contradiction there with Singer’s PR versus Misha’s). The relationship looks one-sided to me based solely on the preview and even if it’s not, Cas still has no “gauge” for which to judge how he feels about Dean.  It’s why he doesn’t know “what broke the connection” and it’s why he had no clue he was feeling heartbreak in 9x06.  Structurally speaking, Cas needs something to compare his feelings for Dean with and I repeat that it is something I always thought we would get in some form.  In fact, Carver talks about how the relationship with Hannah spins Cas “on his way”, so make of that what you will.  

Understandably, there’s a variety of reaction in my inbox over this plotline right now, but this is the anon only ask I’m going to answer about this.  Personally, I’m not upset (only maybe am I upset that female characters are once again slotted into “love interest” if they aren’t marked for death).  I’m curious as to what they do with Cas/Hannah.  The structure for Cas to pursue a family and happiness outside of the angels (for the angelic is what Hannah represents, both the “lesson” that they need to learn: to “love humanity” and Cas’ angelic responsibility to Heaven) is kinda his arc and Hannah is pulling him from that by asking for his help with Heaven (Chuck knows what is going on with Heaven now…).  Additionally, Cas being “full frontal” in front of her but not realizing the problem (as Misha described his mindset) to me indicates him not realizing what she might be feeling towards him.  He’s clueless apparently.  It’ll take more than this plotline to change my mind and hope about where I see the show headed.  Sorry to disappoint you, anon.  

Even the people who are 99.99% sure that canon Destiel will happen acknowledge that we could be wrong.

I’m with Zerbe pretty much right down the line about any Cas/Hannah romance—if it happens (and nothing in the promo suggested to me that Cas would reciprocate any feelings Hannah has toward him), it will be something that clarifies Cas’ feelings for Dean (see this post from last year for my reasons).

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I have a lot of questions in my inbox right now about what purpose I think Cas/Hannah will serve, and I think the gifs above speak for themselves. Seasons 8 and 9 put Cas in a position of being forced to choose between humanity (Dean lbr) and Heaven, but he still finds himself being torn between his loyalties to both. While I would rather things stay platonic between Cas and Hannah, this serves a vital purpose to reinforcing Cas’ choice for his endgame, especially if we’re talking textual romantic deancas.

I do think the romantic vibes between Cas and Hannah will probably be heavy subtext at most, but juxtaposing the two relationships with one another is going to be very interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the top gif Hannah is asking Cas to stay with her instead of going off to help Dean, and Cas will choose Dean above Hannah, above Heaven, above the angels…as he always has, and as he always will.

I think it’s also significant that Hannah goes from singular to plural (I -> Heaven), while Dean goes from plural to singular (We/family -> I). It just highlights the fact that while Hannah may have romantic feelings for Cas, we’re still supposed to view her pleading as part of a ‘cause’. Dean’s, on the other hand, goes from the idea of family, which is already something different from a cause, to completely singular and personal, and thus wholly connected to the emotional relationship that Dean and Cas have.

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holly, i just can't get over the plaid in cas' bed. it's just so perfect and obvious and it's making me feel all warm and fuzzy, and i just (✿ノ♥◡♥)ノ*:・゚✧


Still not over the bed scene tbh, we discussed it a bit here but there are several other things I’d like to point out about it :P so thank you for giving me an excuse…


Everything about this shot feels lopsided and off-center. The lack of a nightstand on the side opposite Cas, the way the light only (just barely) reaches his side of the bed, even the dark color of the plaid is a stark contrast to the light color of the sheets Cas is surrounded by. The use of light and shadow is beautiful, and the bars on the headboard are reminiscent of that cage imagery we saw so much of in season 9. Cas is alone and he feels trapped.

Even the way Cas is lying in the bed is lopsided, his body curving into the tiny bit of light coming in from the window, away from the darkness, away from the cold, the loneliness of the void beside him. If the addition of a nightstand in Dean’s bedroom indicated that he was in need of a partner, the lack of one in Cas’ to me screams that he has utterly lost hope for one. 

The thing that sticks out the most to me is how in 9x14 the opposite side of the bed was illuminated by that light


and how that is now the side of his own bed that Cas chooses, a perfect contrast to the darkness on the other side…